Sunday, February 5, 2012


I really wanted to see the cherry blossoms one last time before we leave Japan.  And since they are in bloom for such a limited time, it's not really like I can choose the time to go see them.  If we have a day off, and the weather is not rain, then I feel like we have to make the trek up to the northern part of the island (where the cherry trees are) that day.

Well, that day for us was Sunday.  Now poor Stevie was post-call with limited night sleep AND had a pulled muscle in his back that had him walking crooked, if he even walked at all, but like I said - it was now or never! So trooper that he is, we all headed out in the Golden Nugget to see the sakura.

The most popular sites for seeing the sakura are the Nakinjin castle ruins or the Nago park - both sites we've been to in previous years, and both sites that can get extremely crowded.  I wasn't looking for crowds, but I was looking for a serene day out with some blossoms to photograph so I ventured a bet on another little spot that I read about on a local website.  It's called Todokori-no-Taki (which you would have guessed had you read the title to this post).  I love the directions for getting there: turn right at the second light after getting off the expressway "into what looks something of a shanty town".  I'm not sure the local villagers would like that description of their town.  To me it looked more like a typical Okinawan village - narrow, narrow cockeyed streets with a mis-match of houses that simultaneously look like they're falling apart and bursting with life.  We wound our way to the back of this village and found a spot that seemed to meet the description.  There were cherry blossoms in the parking lot and a little trail with a sign and arrow.

We followed the path only a short way where upon we came to a bridge and a beautiful waterfall.  Todokori-no-Taki means "roar of the falls" in Japanese - although I wouldn't say these falls roared, it was still a peaceful spot to observe nature.  And although the guide posting promised the place would be "bursting with cherry blossoms", we only saw two trees.  Still, I won't complain because I enjoyed it, and the kids did too.  Stevie was trying ever so hard to enjoy it, but alas had to retire to the car to rest his back.

Cannon and I climbed up the slippery, moss covered rocks to get a better view of the falls (this would have gone better if I hadn't still been wearing my skirt and flats from church!)


So this was our cherry blossom outing for the year, sad to think there are now things that I'll be doing "for the last time" before leaving Okinawa!

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  1. I've just done some SERIOUS catching up on your blog, Louise! Congratulations to Cannon on his piano recital ... he did a wonderful job. London's tinsel teeth look marvelous! I was really surprised when I saw his braces. The various pictures of Okinawa are gorgeous ... I specifically like the one of you and the sunflower. Beautiful! The photos of your family are so cool - they make great subjects! :) That, and you have a great eye for photography!