Saturday, June 18, 2011

School's Out for Summer!

Words that elate any youngster's heart and send shivers of fear through their parents'!  But, alas, it is that time of year and now all three of the munchkins are out of school.  Now I've got a middle schooler, a second grader and a pseudo-kindergartner.  (Emmy misses the cut-off date for entry into kindergarten by Department of Defense schools standards by one week so I will be attempting home-schooling with her!)

Emmy, giving me her girl power attitude!  She was supposed to be a princess for her graduation routine.

Looking a little more princess like.

Pre-school graduation with pre-school eisa dancers.

Emmy giving one of the kindergarten graduates a flower.  She didn't want to give it up!

And a dragon dance performance!

London heading into school on his last day.

Saying good-bye to Mrs. Murray.

Brothers ending school.

I think it's so funny to see how enthusiastic the teachers are to send off the buses.

Cannon with his graduation certificate from "Coats Academy"!  We made it through a whole year of homeschooling without killing each other!

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Since I'm already getting tired of going to the pool, we welcome any visitors to help us through the summer!

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