Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Sad Day

Two months have already passed since our wonderful friends Liz, Don and Lydia moved and today we took the second punch when Kelly, Mike, Matt and David left the island.  I've been dreading this day for months and I can't believe it finally came.

Moving day...

Before we even moved into our house, Kelly and her family have been helping us and I feel at such a loss already with them gone.  The Payne's are the type of family everyone wants as a neighbor and friend - they were always there.  With information when we didn’t know about the island.  With advice when we didn’t know what to do.  With an ear when I needed to vent or to talk (Stevie called us Lucy and Ethel as we would pass hours talking on the front step).  With a loving heart towards our kids (they were always giving random toys and kind words to Emmy, London and Cannon).  With their dog (Ty was our surrogate dog).  With an open cupboard stocked full of anything we forgot to get at the Commissary.  With a tool and a lesson on how to use it (I might now need to buy a cordless drill).  With fresh baked goods delivered to our door (Kelly's "crack" cookies are the best!).  With an evening walk.  With an open door, crunchies and love for our cat (who is now so confused which house to go in).  With a spirit of spontaneity (following the sound of the Obon drums at 11:00 at night last August). 

David, Mike, Kelly and Matt

They have taught us to be better neighbors, but above all better people and we can only hope to aspire to the kind of people they are.  They may be leaving the island, but they will always be with us in our hearts and in who we are.

Mike and Kelly saying goodbye to Obi

Sayonara Mike and Kelly (and Ty in the cage :(

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