Monday, July 11, 2011

Forest Adventure

For two years I've been hearing about a really cool thing to do on island called "Forest Adventure".  No, this is not an animal theme park as London thought, but a place to go zip-lining and otherwise be a daredevil for the day.  The problem is I couldn't take my hubby dear (little fear of heights) so I've been waiting for someone else to go.  This past weekend Kelly told me her family was going on Monday and was I game to go?  You betcha!

So Monday morning we all headed out (along with Matt's girlfriend, Sasha, and her dad) to have some fun - and, boy was it!  After getting hitched into our harnesses and a little safety demonstration we were left to conquer the course. 

This was all that kept me from falling to my death...

I was amazed at my complete lack of fear as I launched myself off the platform and glided across the forest below. My first few landings weren't too graceful, but I soon learned how to land on my feet.

Me climbing one of the platforms.

See me way over the other side?  I think I stuck that landing.

The best station was the last one, the "Tarzan".  You have to jump off the platform, free fall for several feet before being caught by the cable and then slammed into a giant cargo net that you have to grab and then climb up.  Cool!  I also discovered by my sore muscles the following day, this was also a very good workout!

Matt on the free fall of the Tarzan

Slam!  Into the net!

Now climb up the net.

David attempting the rings

We made it!


  1. Fun, fun! Did you do the Tarzan Jump, Louise? I didn't know until AFTER that there was another option. Still scares me to think about it, but everything else was fun!

  2. Oh, and may I add there are no nets underneath to catch you before you fall to your death! You wouldn't find that here in the states!! :)