Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oodles of noodles

Saturday brought us little relief from the grayness and cooler temps that we've been having for most of the week, but that didn't stop us from getting out.  The kids all start soccer soon (pray for us coordinating THREE soccer practices and games), and Cannon seems to have an enthusiastic coach who wanted to start practices before the regular season.  He had his first practice today, but we discovered that our Exchange doesn't have soccer cleats for his size (he's growing so big!)  So after he practiced we all headed out to the Japanese sports store to find some.  Man they have some wild looking soccer cleats!  Well, they have wild looking shoes in general.  With no success at the first store, we went for lunch before pursuing our quest.

There are all types of noodle restaurants in Japan.  There are soba noodles, an Okinawan specialty which are made of buckwheat flour and usually have some sort of fatty pork belly floating around in the bowl.  Sounds gross but they're actually really good.  Then there are ramen noodles that when cooked fresh taste nothing like the little 25 cent packs you get at the grocery store.  But Cannon and my favorites are the udon.  Thick, slightly chewy strands of heaven in a bowl.

A few months back a new restaurant opened not far from our house and there were lines around the block to get in.  Peaked my curiosity.  I eventually found out that it was an udon restaurant and apparently the Japanese love this particular place because every single time I drive past, there is a line to get in.

A couple of weeks ago, Emmy and I went out for lunch and tried this place and it is good!  The noodles are all made, cut and cooked fresh while you wait.  And the tempura to go with the noodles is so scrumptious!  It's been one of our favorites - in fact she often requests we go for noodles!

Today seemed like the perfect time to introduce the guys to the place and they were just as impressed as Emmy and I.  What better on a cold, gray day than a big bowl of steaming udon covered in green onions and tempura bits?  I'm going to miss this place...

This tasted like a giant onion ring.

Stevie enjoying his bowl.

Emmy and London with their lunch.
And yes, after filling our bellies, we went on to another sporting goods store and managed to land Cannon some sweet shoes - just hope they help with his running!


  1. Were is this place located?


    1. It's on 58. If you're coming from Kadena Gate 1, it would be on the right hand side just past the intersection where you turn for the Hamagawa, right next to the Kanehide grocery store. No English on the signs, but the menu has great explanations in English.

  2. The noodles look DELISH! I miss Oki.