Thursday, August 26, 2010

Japanese Umbrellas

The Japanese think of everything, really they do.  And they do some things that are very curteous and thoughtful.  Today I witnessed a really good example.

I planned on taking the kids to the awesome aquarium on island today for one last hurrah before school starts next week.  Fortunately, Stevie was able to leave work early and join us, so up island we went under blue skies and sunshine.  We all enjoyed a great time around the aquarium seeing the sharks, rays, dolphins and whale sharks. 

However, by the time we came to leave, the rain had set in and we were umbrella-less.  But did that matter?  No, because as I mentioned before, the Japanese think of everything.  Outside of the exit was a rack of identical white umbrellas, probably 100 or more of them, and the idea is that you use one of their umbrellas while you walk to the parking garage and then give it back!  Brilliant!

Take an umbrella...

Head down the road...

Up the escallator... Love all the matching umbrellas!

In case you missed one at the bottom, you could pick one up half way up the hill!

Return your umbrella to this man when you get to the parking garage!

Emmy, singing in the rain.

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