Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Space Non-"A"

We tried again on Tuesday to get on a flight to somewhere on mainland Japan, but it didn't look good when we walked into the terminal and there were 30 people waiting.  Alas, when they announced that there were only 3 seats on plane we knew for sure we weren't going.  :(

Stevie suggested lunch at Chilis (yes, there is a Chilis here!) as a consolation, but it was closed for maintenance.  Then we decided to go to the pool.  The sounds of the pool went something like this - [Emmy jumps in] splash - RUMBLE - tweet - "Everyone clear the pool!  Thunder." - GRUMBLE [that noise was the boys lamenting their inability to get in the pool].

So we moved on to Plan B - a trip to the Kerama islands (part of the Ryukyu islands of which Okinawa is the largest).  I was able to book a lovely looking log cabin and a ferry ride over and even borrowed Kelly's underwater camera in hopes of snapping a picture of a sea turtle.  But that plan got foiled when London woke me at midnight to tell me he'd been sick.  Man, what did we do wrong this week?

1 comment:

  1. Awwww, man! After each attempt, you'd think something would turn out.
    Hope London is feeling better soon, and hope you can do what you do best. Explore!