Monday, October 24, 2011

Candy sushi

Friday night was the elementary school carnival for London's school.  We all went to this last year, so with experience under his belt, Stevie declined the invitation to go again last year.  Lets just say it's a loud, boisterous and energetic venue and Stevie prefers calm.

If truth be known, I too prefer quiet to 500 screaming, sugar-rushing kids on my Friday night, but I have learned to tune it out by now.  So off I went with Emmy and London in tow.

This year's carnival was actually really well done and since we got there when it opened, the lines weren't too bad for things.  So we started with the obligatory face painting before moving on to the cake walk.  I told the kids they weren't leaving until they won a dessert for us!  Fortunately, London won on his first go around.  Unfortunately, Emmy had to go another 15 rounds before I pulled her off.  She was convinced she was going to win!

Since London was one of the first winners, he got his pick of a huge table full of cakes, cookies, breads, etc.  But what did he pick???  Sushi.  This totally awesome candy sushi!

I've got to remember this when I get back to the States.  And for all you who want to try it, here's a link to the recipe.

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