Monday, October 31, 2011

Party Day

Isn't it funny how most days pass without too much stuff on the calendar and then there will be a day when there's not enough room on that little square to write all the things scheduled?  We had one of those days on Saturday.  Luckily all the things we had to do were fun parties!

Emmy and I started at 1:00 with our neighbor's son's first birthday party.  And since AnnMarie is so super creative, the decorations and food were just incredible.

Jude was having his One (and only) birthday shindig as a Shrek fest and there were all kinds of cute games.  Like "feed the Ogre" and the "potion room" and of course there was an onion carriage ride to the castle.  All very cute!

Emmy in the "onion carriage"

We actually had to cut out early from that party to head over to Emmy's friend (and my other student) Molly's house for their Monster Mash.  Molly and her brother, Milo, both have birthdays in October so Michelle and James turn their love for Halloween into a combined birthday party.  Stevie was anxious to attend this party because of the awesome house and view that Michelle and James have.  They live way out in Yomitan, but the 30-40 minute drive is well justified by the million dollar view they have from their balcony.  Man, if we had known there were places like this around, we would have probably chosen to live off base!!!

View from her balcony

The Monster Mash was a good time too with games for the little ones - like eating donuts off a string (London really got into this one), and the mummy roll.

Still trying for those donuts, even after everyone else gave up!!!

After the mummy roll

That's Emmy under all that toilet paper!
After a short break back at home we refreshed our costumes before heading over to the third and final Halloween party of the day.

London as Hiccup (from How to Train Your Dragon), Cannon as a Kindle, Emmy as a cheerleader, Stevie and I as Ozzy and Sharon Osborne!

Ozzy Osborne - aka Stevie

Sharon Osborne - aka Louise

Kindle Cannon
Luke and Tracy Mueller (Luke's another OB/GYN) have an annual Halloween party and they go all out for it.  They have tents, hire a DJ and have more spooky Halloween decorations than you can shake a stick at.  It's a good job my kids didn't have to go to the bathroom while we were there because she even had the bathroom decorated with a blood stained shower curtain, blood splatters on the walls and a bathtub full of bloody water and severed body parts.  I was a bit freaked out!

There were some great costumes at the Mueller party, including us, of course - Ozzy and Sharon Osborne!

Neighbors Ashley and Eric Terpstra

Neighbors Krimp and Dima

Ozzy singing Crazy Train

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  1. LOL!! LOVE the Ozzy and Sharon get-up!! :-)
    Wigs are a great way to see how you would look and I love that hairstyle on you Louise ... very classy (seriously).
    Angie K