Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hong Kong Bound!

We’re off! On a trip we’ve been waiting on for a long time – a trip alone, just the two of us, to Hong Kong.

On the train from the airport.

This was supposed to be a quick day of travel so we could get in some site seeing, but a few delays, a little circling in the air and a delay of baggage left us with only a couple of evening hours to see things.

We started by heading into one of the many malls here in Hong Kong, but this one was attached to our hotel so it seemed a good place to start! After a little browsing, my starving husband steered me toward the food court where, with a little help from the kind lady behind us in line, we ordered some sort of dumplings with a big bowl of noodles. Not sure really what we were eating, but it was good and nothing like the food courts in American malls!

Fueled up and ready to go, we headed out in a taxi to one of the night markets. Unfortunately, it started raining some so we got a little wet, mainly just dripped on from the rain rolling off the corrugated steel roofs covering the stalls. So what was our first purchase? An umbrella!

We’ve had some experience in night markets around Asia, and this one was about the same. Lots of knock off watches, purses and sunglasses. And lots of t-shirts and junk. And lots of people and noise – but fun. It was a very busy area that was supposed to have amateur Chinese Opera performances and fortune tellers, but I think the weather must have kept a lot of them away.

For all you car enthusiasts - Stevie was most impressed with this Porche Panamerica.  Fact is there were lots of VERY high dollar cars rolling around this city.

Hong Kong is very busy, very bright (with neon lights) and very populated! We’ve been in several Asian cities now, but this seems to be the busiest! Maybe it’s because tomorrow is National Day – one of the biggest holidays for the Chinese? Or maybe it’s just because it is a busy place. Period. Honestly, this is what I thought Tokyo would be like when I went, but it wasn’t.

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