Friday, June 1, 2012

Our last day in Okinawa

Well, this is it, folks, the last day.  Pinch me because it still doesn't feel real.

We woke up to rain, of course, I knew it would, but that was ok because we had some business to take care of in the morning.  Once cleared of the last few necessary details, we piled in the car and headed out for one last adventure.  As we're getting on the highway, Stevie asked me north or south?  He looked south - black sky, he looked north - lighter gray sky.  So we went north.  We drove, randomly exited at exit 7 and then went west until we saw a beautiful looking beach.  And what was over that beautiful beach?  A blue sky!

We did our usual trick of driving through farmers fields...

...heading down an overgrown path...

 and ending up at yet another beautiful location!

There was a really great little island that I really would have liked to get to, but without a kayak or a swim, we were confined to our side of the inlet.

After leaving that location, we stopped for a last turn at a drink machine, finding yet another interesting, new flavor.  This is called "Skal" and it says, "Skal is our proprietary milk-based pop, the unique hybrid of skim milk and soda.  Just take a sip of it and you will find it so cool and refreshing.  "Love Skal" - always our pride."  It was actually really good - kind of like a creamy Sprite?

We ventured on to another small beach

Before stopping at a Family Mart for one last onigiri lunch.

We went back to the WestPac to clean up before heading over to our Hill for an evening of good-byes.  Ashley (9 months pregnant) and Eric were kind enough to have us over for dinner which gave us a great opportunity to say good bye to all our great friends and neighbors.

The guys manning the grill

The gals.
This included sad good byes between the kids and their friends.

Cannon and Marc

London with friends Aidan, Ben and Joey

Emmy and her prom date, errr, I mean friend, Ben
After dinner they fired up a fire pit for a last hurrah and then it was time for the final good-byes.  This has been the best neighborhood we've ever lived in so it was a difficult moment.  My only consolation is that I know we will see our Okinawa family again in the future.

Final sunset from the Hill

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