Thursday, September 2, 2010

Emmy's First Day

Emmy's stepping up a notch this year and entering an all day Montessori program out in town.  Well, it's off base, but that doesn't mean it's Japanese-speaking.  Although she did inform me today after her second day (in the middle of the hardware store), "At my school, we're learning to speak English and Japanese."  And then she counted to 5 for me in Japanese.  Sweet!

My baby girl is growing up!!! (I apologize about the photography, Emmy is going through a phase were you can't get a good picture of her.  She either has a cheesy smile or looks away...)

Outside school, it's humid so the lens clouds up fast!

Ready to go to her class.

And she's off, without even looking back. :(

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  1. Is she at Sunshine? That's a great school. I know the owner and have had many graduates from the preschool program in my class. She'll love it!