Saturday, September 11, 2010

Slippin' and Slidin'

Our neighbor, Kelly, had a brilliant idea several weeks ago when she picked up a 300 foot roll of thick tarp from an Oki YardSales deal that we could make an awesome slip and slide for the neighborhood kids.  This fourteen foot wide bolt of tarpaulin has sat in her front yard ever since, waiting, beckoning us.  Well today when the temperatures were topping 100 for the "real feel", and the pools are closed (the calendar indicates that it should be cooling down, so why not close the pools???), I'd had enough of the waiting and announced to Kelly that today was the day.  So with the help of a few other neighbors (thanks Joe and Mike!) we picked out a good hill, made sure there wasn't too much concrete around for the little ones to crash into, and made us a good, old-fashioned, water-park-worthy slip and slide!

Emmy catching a ride with Courtney

It was awesome!  And it didn't take too much coaxing by the kids to get the adults to join in!  Clothes and all!

What better way to cool off after setting up the slide?  Kelly trying it out!

Me and Em

Liz havin' a go!

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