Monday, March 5, 2012

The Bunny Store

We've lived here for two and three quarter years now and today I finally went to a store that I've heard about many times, but never been to.  It's affectionately known as the "bunny store".  Why?  Because the sign looks like this:

The bunny store is the Old Navy of kids clothes and accessories - with a Japanese twist, of course. What's the twist?  Well, mainly the expressions on the shirts.  We've known for a while now that Japanese clothes love to include English words, but usually they make no sense and are just funny.  The bunny store was just full of these kinds of clothes.  Here are some examples I found:

They make no sense, do they?  Did I buy some?  Of course!  Stevie thinks we should all buy t-shirts like this and wear them when we fly out of Okinawa!

The other thing I found in the bunny store was Japanese baby food.  I've often wondered what other cultures fed their babies (besides milk, of course).  Like do Indian babies eat curry baby food?  Or do Chinese babies eat Kung Pao chicken?  I mean we have baby food flavors like beef stew and chicken and noodles but why would a Thai baby eat these?  Well, I might have found my answer today.  It seems, from the packaging pictures at least, that Japanese babies do eat Japanese food.  Like fish and sea weed and shrimp and rice and ginger and kabocha squash!

But the best were the drinks, I don't know if they drink milk as well, but these packages on the left were for green tea and barley tea powders to go in a baby's bottle!  The package on the right, those pictures are of kelp and dried bonito (tuna).

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