Monday, March 19, 2012

Let The Games Begin - 2012

Yes, folks, it's that time of year season!  And this weekend was the kickoff to the season.  With all three kids now playing, Saturday's are going to be a little hectic, but fun, and this weekend proved that.  With London's game at 11:30 am, Emmy's game at 12:00 on a base a 1/2 hour away, Cannon's game at 1:30, me with a baby shower from 10-1 and Stevie on call it was, shall we say, interesting.

Stevie managed to get someone to cover him for call (which NEVER happens) so he could take Emmy to her first game - which meant I missed her very first soccer game :(  But as he is now helping to coach, it worked out well.  Emmy's team, the White Tigers, tried hard, but are still very new to the game and ended up losing.  Emmy (#8) looks like she's trying hard! (Photos courtesy of Stevie).

London's team, the Lions, took the field and played really well, but they ended up losing too.  London (#41)nlooked good out there, although he only got to play for half the game.  He made a great defensive move which is great for him as he usually plays offense.

Cannon's team, the Flames, has been practicing hard, but were up against a really good team.  Yes, they too ended up losing.  I think by this age, there are some really good players and just a few on a team can really make a difference.  Cannon (#21) looked great and tried his best.

Overall, it was a beautiful warm, windy day and lots of fun to see the kids get out there and play their best.

The Coats Soccer All-Stars
Next time, I'll have to remember the sunblock!  (See their red "v's" from their uniforms?)

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