Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White Day

Contrary to what you might think, White Day is not a big sale on linens.  It's actually a uniquely Japanese holiday with conspicuously capitalistic undertones.

You see, in Japan it is tradition for only women to give presents on Valentine's Day (February 14) and not the men (wouldn't all you men love this?)  Yes, just like in the US, the women usually give chocolate or flowers but unlike the US, here the men just sit back and receive all the love...

But some innovative marshmallow manufacturing company (I'm guessing with a female CEO) figured out back in the 1960's that they could make some more money if they introduced a second holiday which requires men to return the favor.  Introducing March 14th...White Day!  Not a very inventive name, but they say it comes from the white color of the marshmallows.  Today it's way more than marshmallows with special sections of stores being set up with all the specialty candies and gifts.

Looks more like it should be called "pink day" judging by the packaging.

Lilo and Stitch, Mickey and Minny and others seem to get in on the act too.

I never saw any men buying these items, but maybe they're just stealthy.  And for all you US men, head's up: It's White Day!

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  1. Darn, I (er, uh, Lalon) missed this holiday. I'll be jotting it down on the calendar for next year! Great idea! :)