Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She's Coming to America!

Yes, after almost a 3 year hiatus, I'm back on terra americana - but only for a week!  And I have my mission carved out for me...find the Coats Clan a home.

But first I had to get the kitties settled in at their temporary home.  After all my worrying and fretting, the kitties made the journey to the States pretty well.  Obi was doing alligator death rolls in his cage on the way down to the airport trying to get out, but soon realized that it was futile so surrendered to being stuck in the cage for a day.

I checked them in at the Naha airport and then had to pick them up in Tokyo and re-check them in at the United counter.  Although I had an hour and forty-five minutes between flights, I was left with only 45 minutes after the cats were checked leaving me staring at a mile long line to get through security and a sick feeling in my belly that Obi and Kimono would be on a plane without me.  But, alas it was Tokyo where customer service is stellar, and the United agent took me through the employee screening area and then held a spot in line at Immigration for me until I could catch up.  I ended up not being the last one on the flight, but close to it!

Finally saw Mt. Fuji!

The Canadian Rockies flying into Seattle

After eight hours of getting to watch my own movies, read uninterrupted, and not having to tend to little ones (bliss!), we landed in Seattle and into the welcoming arms of Kelly and Mike Payne, our former neighbors in Okinawa.  They will be fostering our kitties until we get settled.

On the ride to Anacortes-we put them in an extra large kennel to spread out and they both ended up sleeping in the litter box!  (It was clean.)
Stopped off at Cosco - look Oki friends, nectarines!!!
Mike and Kelly live in a beautiful area about 2 hours north of Seattle with an absolutely amazing view of the water and islands.  After a sweet reunion between the cats and Ty, their adorable black lab, I took a little nap.  When I woke up, Kelly took me on an awesome hike through one of the many state forests near their house.  I forgot how big the trees can be!!!

Now that's a big tree!

View from Kelly's deck
Beautiful (un-retouched) sunset from Kelly's deck.
To bed early to look forward to full day on Monday.

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