Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day After - All Clear

So after receiving the "All Clear" from the storm we (probably more accurately me) had to get out and stretch our legs.  After the last big typhoon came through in May, I had taken the kids to the beach to see the waves and the surfers and that’s where we headed again after Muifa passed through. 

Even though it’s a tropical island, Okinawa doesn’t usually have big waves so it’s a treat to see so good breaking waves and fun to see the surfers.  They are working on redoing the sea wall near our area and it’s now a really nice strolling path along the ocean. 

After a little while of watching the action, I was ready to hit the beach and see what treasure was washed up by the storm.  So we headed over to Toguchi beach for a stroll and treasure hunt.  Unfortunately, what I think I’ve figured out is that big storm does not equal great washed up treasure.  It actually means a bunch of broken shells, garbage and stinky dead fish.  Still, it’s always nice to walk on the beach and definitely nice to get out of the house!

This poor little hermit crab was hiding out in the tiniest of shells - I think he needed to find a new home.

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