Saturday, August 6, 2011

Typhoon Muifa - Day 3

Wow!  We woke up to another morning of being in TCCOR-1E with the wind blowing and the rain pummeling.  The storm raged all night as it got stuck over Okinawa.

Thankfully, at 12:15 they called it at TCCOR-1 Recovery which means the storm was definitely moving on and around 5:00 tonight (after being on inside lock down for 52 hours!) we were bumped to "Storm Watch" which means we could leave our residences and the base!  The storm is over.

The initial inspection of the outside is that my plants fared pretty well on the front side of the house, but were shredded in the back.  Still, because we're on a hill and because our unit faces west, we didn't have any flooding which is not the same for others around the island.  The initial reports are that we received over 40 inches of rain!

The shed survived!!! (This is the same shed of Kelly's that blew apart in the last typhoon.)

So the good news is we are all safe, no major damage was done and - most importantly - we managed not to kill each other after being locked inside our tiny house for two and a half days!

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