Friday, August 5, 2011

Typhoon Muifa - Day 2

We spent the ENTIRE day today on TCCOR-1E (emergency), which they called about 9:00 last night.  That means that we MUST stay indoors while it is on 1E - which really wasn't a problem today since it was blowing and raining all day.  Of course now we've been indoors for 30 hours straight and finding fun things to do is getting a little tough...

So what did we do today?  Read books, played Wii, cleaned, did laundry, played Candyland, played Scattergories, sewed a pair of pajamas, knitted, read more books, played more Wii, made turkey soup, made trash can cookies, made tuna curry, watched the weather, posted lots on FB, took a nap, played, watched TV, did more laundry, colored, Skyped friends, messaged with neighbors, watched the weather, watched the weather, watched the weather.

And now it's 9:00 at night and we're still on TC-1E and the weather is worse than ever.  The problem is this is one slow moving storm.  Like 4 MPH.  Which means it is taking forever to get past us and pummeling us with wind and rain in the mean time.  I'm not the least bit afraid for our safety or anything in the house, it's just the plants outside.  Fortunately I learned from May's typhoon and put up all my plants that were in pots.  The ones in the ground?  Well, they're toast!

Let's hope we'll be released from house arrest tomorrow!

Can you see our island?  That's a trick question!  We're covered by the storm  just north of the eye.

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