Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zoo Signage

Am I a glutten for punishment to take three kids to the zoo when it's 100 degrees out?  Maybe, but I did it anyways on Friday! 

And to my defense, they were the ones who suggested it!  I've already blogged about the poor zoo here - it's somewhere lost in the 1970's with their animal habitats (think concrete and bars) so we don't go a lot, but it's been a long time since our last visit and I do have to say it's different from American zoos in the closeness you get to the animals.  The animals may live in cages, but the cages are very close to the human observation areas.  Like with a good stretch, you could easily pet the tiger in his cage.  Hence signs like:

Yes, the sign asks you not to climb the fence or get to close so the tiger can spray you! (This was not taken with a zoom lens!)

Cannon tells me a story about a kid who witnessed this on his field trip to the zoo.  Of course, I try not to think why the chimpanzee throws soil - like because he's bored, lonely and angry...

Which is worse, the hurt look on the man's face or the love in the turtle's eyes?  And what's with the graphic bloodshed?

It seems like the zoo is trying to raise some extra money by offering special services with their animals.  Back in December when we came, Emmy and I fed the giraffes leaves.  Now they also offer elephant rides.  Darn!  I didn't need to go to Thailand to do that!

You can also now feed the kangaroos, but the sign doesn't make it sound too appealing to parents sending small children into the exhibit.  Loud noises make the kangaroos scary?

 Speaking of scary, this was London's impression of the ostrich...

And another sign, which is also scary...

I have no idea what this sign says, but it's pretty scary looking!

And just for you, Grammie and Grandpa, a little bit of Hilton Head in Okinawa!


  1. The Zoo in Oki is quite different from anywhere else. We really missed out ... no giraffe feeding or elephant rides! Bummer! Glad you guys are continuing your adventures!

  2. And don't forget the kangaroo feedings!