Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Wonder Museum

So after melting at the zoo, we went to cool down inside at the Wonder Museum.  This is a wonderful museum inside the zoo grounds that is full of fun, hands-on science things for kids.  It's hard to describe the overall museum in words, so pictures are better.

Inside one of the hall of mirrors.

Emmy in another mirror booth.  I didn't realize how scary that lion looks until now!

Lots and lots of Emmies!

These are stands of plastic pins that you push from one side to make an impression.  My kids could spend the whole day here.
The backside impression of my kids.

A lesson on perspective...

Who remembers, is it the cookie or the drink that makes you small???

The third floor had an awesome science exhibit dealing with recycling.  There were some really creative and kid-friendly ways of demonstrating the concepts of waste, pollution and recycling.  Too bad I don't know any elementary science teachers who need a lesson plan.

Also on the third floor are some other amazing displays for the kids (and adults).  Like this one which is just a pan of goopy black stuff until you start clapping really loudly and then it magically rises up.  Haven't figured this one out yet...

Nor have I figured out the water tables which look just like a bowl of plain water until you speak words into a tube and then shapes and letters start appearing.  And if you take the metal pan and scoop the water, the shape will "stick" to the pan and you can move it around the water table...

Or this water table that sings to the kids as they turn the faucets.  The shapes that "pour" out of these faucets are the same color as the faucet they come from (not the water, which is clear, just the shape).  Freaky, but true! (And aren't the Japanese kids cute?)

This is a really cool museum, and thanks to the air conditioner, literally, really cool (a blessing after our trek around the zoo!)

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