Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monster Mash

Our neighbor, Ann Marie, is extremely creative - like I could only wish to be.  She is always coming up with little (and big) artistic creations that always amaze me.  Like a giant peacock painting on an old screen, or making a bathroom soap holder out of a shell and a piece of coral, or - well, the list goes on and on.

So recently she put all her creative juice into planning a birthday party for herself.  The idea, I think, germinated from this party game she had seen online that revolved around a village ridding itself of werewolves.  It morphed into an awesome costume party with a slightly spooky theme.  She totally outdid herself with the decorations and food and games and it was a great time by all!

Me and Ann Marie

The costumes were all very creative.

Ann Marie may have thrown her own birthday party, but I told her I would make the cake.  Werewolves howling at the moon...

The invitations were addressed to different royalty so we were King and Queen Coats!  I made our coordinating costumes.

King Stevie (or is he a super hero???)
Lisa found this dress at the thrift store but gave it to Krimp to wear.  Can't believe anyone ever wore that for anything except a Little Bo Peep costume!

Suzy modeling in Ann Marie's photo prop (she painted it on an old painting pulled out of the trash!

Eric and Ashley came as the "new royalty".

Lisa and John won the "Best Costume".  John also had a killer accent to go with the kilt.

What's a birthday party without a pinata?

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  1. Great post Louise! It's like reliving the party all over again. :)