Monday, April 23, 2012

CoCo Curry House

Usually when you think of Japan you think of sushi, right?  Well, its curry is also quite popular and its most famous chain curry restaurant undoubtedly has to be CoCo Curry House.  It's the stuff of legend, or you'd think that by the way people talk about it.

We've been a few times, and today Stevie and I returned for lunch on his post-call day.  The menu is actually quite varied with choices including fried quail egg curry and fermented soy bean curry, although I'd say the chicken cutlet is probably the most common type.  

The steps to order are simple, according to the menu:

But it's the "Select your spice level!" that gets interesting.  We've known whole groups of men challenge each other to eat a "10" but they can't get past a four without tears rolling down their face.  The descriptions are the best - at level 5, they warn you to "Consider the consequences".  And to order more than a level 5, you apparently have to have "proved" yourself with at least a 5.

So what does my hunny dearest order?  A SEVEN!!!  

I was sure the seven might challenge his taste buds which we're convinced are burned out, but does he look distressed?

But did he add the special sauce?  It says "You can enjoy the experience of eating the curry more delicious by using this sauce."  Love it!

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