Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Day in Tacoma

With the offer in, Liz and I had one day to pal around and relax in Tacoma.  It was so nice after the hectic week to sleep in, read the Sunday paper and then go shopping!  We found the Tacoma mall (very nice), and the other shops around it (very nice).  Oh what fun to go to a mall after 3 years!!!

No joke, this is really a store in the Tacoma mall!

We also squeezed in a little car shopping - just wanted to look at a model I had picked out online - and another excursion to Target.

We finished the girlie day with a beautiful walk along the Tacoma waterfront and a girlie movie.  Thanks for a great day, Liz!

Sunset from our hotel room

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! So glad you had a good time and were able to hang out with good friends. I'll keep my fingers crossed on your house.