Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Rest of the Trip

I guess I had grand plans about blogging about my time in Tacoma, but since it's a week later and I haven't written a thing, I guess I didn't live up to that dream.  So here's the synopsis:

The first day of house hunting was full, but disappointing.  The house that I thought was going to be "it" proved not to be so.  I tried to love it, but the funky bedroom layout, not to mention a master suite that looked like it belonged in a Vegas hotel room, took it off the list.  The best part of the day was reuniting with Liz and Kelly!  It was so good to be with them both again and we enjoyed a great dinner out before I was the party pooper and crashed early.

The next several days were some grueling long hours of seeing homes in Gig Harbor, Fox Island and North Tacoma.  Even at night all three of us were combing the internet to see if there was anything else.  Although there were some great homes on Fox Island, including one with its own beach and dock, we eliminated it because of the commute to work for Steve and to schools for me.  The two areas left were very different - Gig Harbor a smaller, quiet community versus N. Tacoma an area packed full of older, historic homes.

So Friday I thought I had it narrowed down to a turn of the century home in Tacoma - affectionately named the "pink house" because of all the pink painted walls - or a house in Canterwood, a large golf course development in Gig Harbor or a 90s style home in downtown Gig Harbor with amazing views of the harbor.   Three great choices, three completely different lifestyles = one really difficult decision.  Boy was I thankful for having Liz with me, but I could have used the decisiveness of Stevie.  I am not a good decision maker and felt a lot of pressure to get the "right" place for the whole family.  After another round of seeing the homes, I made the final decision late Saturday afternoon.

Drum roll, please......the downtown Gig Harbor house!

We've put an offer in at this point and are waiting to hear back from the owners.

Living room of Gig Harbor house

View from second floor living room (kids area)

Gig Harbor, Canterwood home

Pink house living room

Outside of pink house

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