Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday fun

Friday was a beautiful day (finally!) and Steve and two of our neighbors just happen to have the day off for a department picnic.

On our way to the picnic we drove past the koi nobori (carp flags) displayed for Golden Week.

So in the afternoon, after mowing the yards with Eric and Chris's new riding mower, Chris decided to break out the slip 'n slide!

The kids and some of the adults had an awesome time in the afternoon sun.

Eric giving Emmy a ride down on his back.

Eric and Chris broke out the soap liquid to make them slide faster and further.

London and Joey

The afternoon's events were capped off by a neighborhood fire pit.

The only marshmallows we had were some Peeps from Easter.  Turns out Peeps are really good when toasted - the extra sugar on the outside caramelizes.  Yum!

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