Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

On Friday, we hosted the third annual Lester Heights Easter Egg Hunt to kick off the Easter weekend.  This has gotten progressively bigger, especially since Kelly scored a Rubbermaid tub full of plastic eggs last year.  This treasure trove of eggs got left with me when Kelly moved last summer for the games to continue.

Fortunately, the neighbors were great about passing the trash bag full of eggs around and stuffing them while I was in the States, so I came back to a nearly empty bag and 363 stuffed eggs!  That's a lot of eggs for the 12 kids on the Hill.

The motley crew before the hunt.

And they're off!

Emmy and her friend Ben with their stash.

Looks like London found a golden egg...

I'm pretty sure all the kids had fun, even my biggest kid who thought he was "too old" but gave in and "found" a few eggs for himself (he and Courtney helped hide the eggs so he knew the secret spots).

On Saturday, we decorated some eggs.  Again, my biggest thought he was "too old" so Joey helped do his eggs.

Don't they look colorful?

On Sunday morning, we went to church and then had Easter lunch with our neighbors, Eric and Ashley.  We didn't linger long at the table because it was a beautiful day and the beach was calling.  Eric and Ashley joined us in an expedition to "our beach" in the south of the island.

London and Emmy decorating the cake

It wouldn't be Easter without a bunny cake.

The tide was way, way out so there were lots of incredible tide pools to see.  Eric, Steve and London decided to brave the water and got in for a while to snorkel.  Stevie said he saw a lion fish and several large parrot fish - not enough to convince me to get in!

Ashley and Eric

Three brave soles

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