Friday, August 5, 2011

Cannon's Stormy Birthday

Cannon's birthday was Thursday and Mother Nature decided to give him a big present - a typhoon!  We thought it would be ok, but after waking up to TCCOR-1, we weren't so optimistic.

The day started off well with homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and some presents outside (while we could).  Then Cannon's friend, Marc, got to come play for a few hours.  We told Cannon he could have unlimited Wii time on his birthday so he milked that pretty good.

By the time I finally got the kids out the door to go to the sushi-go-round for lunch (Cannon's choice), and then got Yen, the powers that be called the typhoon readiness condition TCCOR-1C (caution) which means all Americans have to be back in their quarters, the stores close, and the bases get locked down, so we had to turn around and head home or risk being locked off base!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house with Stevie (since he got sent home from work), opening more presents, and playing more Wii.

Cannon's request for dinner was a turkey so we had a Thanksgiving/typhoon/birthday kind of meal! 

Afterwords, our new neighbors, Spencer with daughter Sydney (Suzy, his wife, who is 40+ weeks pregnant won an all expense paid trip to stay at the hospital!) and Lisa, Rachel and Sam (John, a chaplain, also won a stay at the hospital!) braved the wind and rain to come over to share cake and celebrate Cannon's birthday.  The day ended with a Star Wars marathon for the guys (the girls watched Beauty and the Beast!) 

Are we bored?  Spencer and Stevie arm wrestling.
Better luck next year, Cannon, but we love you!

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