Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Cannon’s friend Marc’s mom, Maureen, asked us if we wanted to go check out a beach up north to look for blown in treasure. Even after my new conclusion that the treasure is not so great after a storm, I was still game to try a new beach.

We all piled in Maureen’s van and headed out – blindly taking an exit off the highway and trying to find a cool beach. We found a beach, but unfortunately, as Maureen said, it looked like a plastics recycling plant exploded just off shore. There was garbage everywhere! Yuck. We tried to pick among the debris to find anything great, and did find a patch full of sea urchin hulls, but quickly decided to move on and find another beach.

This time we picked our way through back streets, farm fields and lonely lanes before we came out on a beautiful empty beach full of clear water, shells and a few other strange treasures left by the storm.

Sea snake

Dehydrated blue sea star

Little bitty sea star

Gorgeous beach

Maureen is on the hunt for glass buoy balls that the fishermen used to use, but unfortunately there were none of those to be had. It was a great beach though and the kids loved playing and swimming while Maureen and I beach combed to our hearts content!

Marc and Cannon

Frick and Frack

This was a lovely, warm swimming hole with a nice sandy bottom

What can I say?

My beach bum.