Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday Party

Friday was Emmy's birthday party, and I think this is the first one she's ever had (if you don't count her 1st birthday that is).  Running with the whole "pony" theme, the invitations went out to the neighborhood 5 and under crowd, and her school buddy Molly, announcing that there would be some "horsin' around" going on in our back yard.

As I said before, horses are hard to come by on this island so I couldn't exactly hire a pony for entertainment.  So I did the next best thing, I made some ponies instead!  These were my best effort with the limited supplies available over here!

Cannon holding the horse bouquet.

The black stallion.

Distributing the ponies.

So the party started with pony races which the kids never seemed to tire of. 

Lining up for the girls race.

The boy's turn

Emmy and Molly in a photo finish.

There was also "Trainer Says", a pin the carrot on the horse's mouth game, horse tatoos and a picture frame craft.  Followed by more pony races...

So after running off their steam, I fed them horseshoe sandwiches, carrots (what horse doesn't like carrots?) and haystacks of chips. 

The centerpiece was my horse when I was little!

Opening presents - I love the concentration on her face!

Topped off by a purple horse cake (Emmy's request).

Emmy and her new friend Molly
 What the cats thought about the whole party...

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Emmy!! Hope you had a wonderful time. The games, food and cake look amazing!

    Great job on making the horse-sticks, Louise! The pictures of everything look like so much fun!
    Angie K