Friday, September 23, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Emmy received some money from Aunty Kimberly and Uncle Brian for her birthday, and like all little kids, the money was burning a hole in her pocket and just had to be spent the same day.  And since I'm a good momma and don't like to disappoint (read: like to be fussed), I took her over to the PX for a shopping adventure.

Of course, during this shopping adventure we had to peruse the clothing departments (for my interest, not hers) during which time little Miss Em spied a pink shiny dress.  She's like a trout, dangle something shiny in front of her and it grabs her attention.  The shiny pink dress turned out to be a cheerleader outfit, complete with pom poms and a mini matching outfit for a doll.  Of course my non-doll loving daughter immediately asked if that mini outfit would fit a stuffed animal instead!  Well since Halloween costumes has been a recent topic of conversation, I asked Emmy if she would like to be a cheerleader for Halloween?  (The list so far has included a horse, a dragon and Tinkerbell).  Agreeing to be a cheerleader (and I'm convinced the real reason was just to get that mini-costume for her stuffed animal!), we bought the dress and took it home (along with a new book and painting book she bought with her birthday money.)

Not being able to wait another month for Halloween, Emmy tried out the costume within minutes of entering the house!  Isn't she cute?

Don't all cheerleaders wear pink rain boots?

She wouldn't keep still for me to take her picture, but I think these photos are fun!


The matching costume for the stuffed animal.

And not to be outdone by his little sister, London had to dress up too, along with his friend Joey!

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