Thursday, September 8, 2011

Emmy Turns 5!

Emmy has been anticipating her birthday for a long time now, like several months!  She's had a birthday wish list going since a little after Christmas in fact.  So when September 8th finally rolled around, she was in her element!
We started the day with donuts (her choice, I always let the birthday-person pick all their meals for the day) and then opening a few presents from us.  Grammie and Grandpa then Skyped so they could chat and watch her open their present (Isn't Skype a great thing?)

So when she had had time to play a little, we headed out to the Exchange to spend a little of her birthday money from Paw Paw and Nana.  She chose a Barbie horse (in purple) after much debate and a few tears.  It's a hard thing to be 5 and be faced with a whole aisle of toys and money in your pocket, you know.

From shopping we went on to lunch - again her choice - which started as sushi-go-round, then changed to udon noodles, then changed to Burger King when we passed the food court.  I guess she is truly American at heart...  Lunch was followed by ice cream at the Big Dip (which she's been requesting for many months).

Later in the afternoon, after a little more play time, we headed out for her big "surprise" - a pony ride!  Going with this whole horse themed party that we're having tomorrow, I found a place on the island that offered pony rides.  Believe it or not, this was a surprise since Okinawa is desperately lacking in any farm animals.  I've never seen a cow or sheep here, only seen horses a few times and only smelled the pigs!

Meeting Sly

On she goes!

That's a happy girl!

This is not what it seems - she is not nuzzling with the pony, but getting ready to flee because the pony took a step forward!

I had made reservations for all three kids to ride, but Cannon politely declined and London changed his mind once he was up close and personal to the horses. He eventually changed his mind and wore a tremendous smile the entire time he was on the pony.

London really liked his ride.

Back in the saddle again for a bonus round because it was her birthday!

Unfortunately, Stevie got called into an emergency surgery at the hospital right when we were sitting down to dinner so missed the birthday pizza and cake after. We invited a few of the neighbors over for cake and that seemed to make it ok.

Playing her new game with Mr. Dima, Cannon and London.
Happy Birthday Emmy-Jemmy!

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  1. Looks like a great Birthday! What's with the pink ball cake? Horse patties? Did your package arrive yet?
    Aunt Nicole