Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fish Massacre

Stevie loves to fish.  If you know one thing about him, it's this.  Back in the day, when we lived in Florida without kids, he would spend entire days standing behind a fishing pole on the beach.  It didn't matter if he only caught a piece of seaweed - he would be happy (although happier with a fish).  But with life and circumstances he doesn't get to do this favored hobby much.  And even though we live on a tropical island, he doesn't get a hook wet very often.  But this past Saturday made up for all that!

After many requests from neighborhood friends, Stevie finally set up a fishing charter to go deep sea fishing.  Stevie, along with 6 other guys (and one resilient gal) from the 'hood got up at 3:30 to head over to Awase port to catch their boat.  Now fishing charters in Japan are not as glamorous as those in the States - very bare bones from what I can tell - but I guess that doesn't matter when you're pulling in fish after fish!

Spencer pulling one in.

Joe, Spencer, Dima, Shane and the brave gal of the group - Alicia!

After a 2 hour ride 30 miles out to sea, the group dropped their lines and didn't stop until late in the afternoon.  The results?  Well, the sea is missing a few fish now!

This was one of two coolers full of fish!

Lester Heights Tuna Massacre

The tired crew got home around 5:30 that night and began the real fun - filleting all 80 (approximately) bonito tuna and a few token yellow fin!  Fortunately for the ones that had never filleted a fish, they had some experienced people to teach them including two surgeons!

This was the closest I could get to getting him to kiss the fish.

The kids were fascinated, especially Emmy!

Hard at work, but look at the fillets piling up.

Stevie and Spencer working hard.

That's a worm that Jon found in one of the fish - ewww!

That's a lot of fish...stay tuned for the next post - Fish Fry!

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