Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainy Day Beach

Leading up to this past weekend, the forecast had been for a wash-out.  There was yet another tropical storm brewing off our coast and heading strait for us.  But alas, as tropical storms will do, at the last minute it petered out.  So now it was game on for a fun time!

After church, we asked a neighbor or two, who asked a neighbor or two, if they wanted to head to the beach.  Before we knew it, we had two vanfuls of neighbors headed for our "new" beach up north.  When we left the base, it was sunny, when we got on the highway it looked like a storm, when we got halfway to our exit, it was sunny again.  So goes the weather on a tropical island with a fallen apart tropical storm in the area.

Forty-five minutes later, we were at the beach with puffy clouds in the sky and no one but us on the sand.

Eric with his wake board.

Is he looking for sharks???
Of course, to the north of us, it didn't look so nice...

But the water was warm, the shell-collecting was good, and the friends were all around.  So when it started raining, what did this crazy group of neighbors do?  In the words of Dory from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

Took this from the cover of the van as I was putting our stuff away to stay dry.

What a great, crazy fun time!  And eventually, the sun did come out again.

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  1. I love this about Okinawa. Never know when the rain will fall but when it does it pours!

    I bet you guys had a great time out with friends, in the pouring rain, swimming ... sounds awesome!

    Angie K