Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kuwae Christmas Program!

Emmy is a well-schooled little girl.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I home school her kindergarten lessons with her friend, Molly.  But every M, W and F afternoon I drop the two of them off at the cute little pre-school here on Lester base called Kuwae.

One of the things I know I can't provide Emmy and Molly are all the sweet little kindergarten extras like a Christmas concert production, but Kuwae fills in where I leave off and it's working out great.

This Wednesday was the girls first concert performed in the chapel on Lester.  There's nothing better than seeing an entire pew of 3, 4 and 5 year-olds wearing construction paper antler hats with painted red noses!

Emmy and Molly
Emmy's class performed a thrilling rendition of "Silent Night" in both English and Japanese, "What Do You Want for Christmas" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".  So sweet!

I think she was over the concert by this point, what do you think???

But wait...there's a smile!

After all the performances, the kids got a personal visit from Santa and a little gift.

Aren't they cute?
 Of course, the best part was getting to eat the cookies afterward!

And pretending to be reindeer behind the fence...

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