Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mangroves and more

Stevie was off work on Wednesday and the weather was beautiful, so I felt an adventure coming on.  Since I love the beaches up north on the island, I pointed the car in that direction and found something new for us to see and do.  I found a mention of a mangrove forest and walk about an hour and half north of here in a guide book so we thought we'd check it out.  (I have to tell you now the pictures aren't the best quality since when I went to take my first photo I discovered that my SD card was missing!  My fall back was Cannon's iTouch.)

There was a nice wood boardwalk for us to see the mangroves, fiddler crabs and mudskippers.

Cannon informed us that these little seedlings fall from the trees, implant themselves in the mud and start new mangrove trees.

The boardwalk was a nice leisurely walk, but then the path crossed the road and headed up into the wilderness.  It was extremely snake-y looking, but I took the lead and told those snakes to "shoo" - seemed to have worked as we didn't see any!

Going up to the wilderness..

View from the top.


Going down...

We didn't see any crabs this big...

After our little walk, we head toward the coast to find a beach.  As we drove down through the farm fields, I commented to Stevie that the best beaches were always at the end of a farm road...

And sure enough, this one didn't disappoint.  At the end, we found the most beautiful, remote, pristine beach.  It was heaven!

We spent some time going for a long walk, then Stevie and I sat and contemplated life while the kids played around.  I decided that the color of the water, which has always eluded an exact color description, will forever be known to me as "Okinawan blue".  Nothing like it in this world!

I think this one of the kids is really funny.  They just all have unique expressions.

I guess London didn't make the cut on this family photo.

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