Saturday, December 31, 2011

Round 1

This one's for you Aunty Nicole, Uncle Brian, Hailey, Hannah and Sydney!

This year for Christmas my sister and her family gave our family a day of fun - tickets to Round 1 amusement center and lunch at the sushi-go-round.  I took the kids earlier in the week for sushi, but unfortunately forgot my camera, but just imagine a table stacked with 20 (empty) plates and four full bodies sitting around it.  How can a 5, 8, 11 and (undisclosed) year old consume 20 plates of sushi?  Welcome to my family.

But on Saturday, all five of us headed to Round 1 for an afternoon of fun.  I've explained about Round 1 before - it's a 7 storied building chock full of all kinds of family-friendly entertainment (not-including the pachinko parlor on the first floor :)  For one price you can ride a mechanical bull, rollerskate, sit in a massage chair, play in the ball pit, shoot baskets, shoot guns, shoot arrows, ride mini-bikes, play video games, bowl - well, you get the idea.  We tried to cram as much as we could into the 3 hours we spent there and left thoroughly happy.

Cannon in the ball pit.

Emmy's favorite place - the ball pit.

Stevie, London and Cannon firing balls across the ball pit.  This is really fun because it's ok to hit random strangers~

London practicing archery

Miss Bounce-a-lot

Stevie's favorite - these massage chairs ROCK!

Chillin' while watching the kids bounce

Emmy's first attempt at rollerskating

She didn't make it too far!
I did a little better!
By far the most fun is the mini-motorcycle races that they have every two hours.  This time Cannon and London were big enough and the three of us had the whole course to ourselves.  Guess who won?  London!

Ready to race!

At the starting line.

Going through turn 1...

And London's in the lead, but where is Cannon????  I think I'm looking for him.
Thanks Cunninghams for a great family day!

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