Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mustache Mania

Last Saturday Zachariah, the little baby whose birth Stevie and I were both witness to a year ago (Stevie delivered him and I was in the room taking pictures) turned one year old!  Our good friends Krimp and Dima threw him a big "mustache bash" to celebrate the big day.  You see, Zach doesn't have any hair (or at least he has fine hair that makes him still look bald) so it was kind of a joke that at least he'd have a mustache for the day.

Anyways it was really cute, especially the photo booth she had set up for kids to dress up in dress shirts and ties and a mustache.  Don't you just love the girl child's attitude?  And we think Cannon actually looks quite good in a mustache!

Of course there was the obligatory cake (shaped as ties and mustaches!)

Zach wasn't getting the whole cake thing, so Krimp helped him out by giving him a taste...

Then, the lights went on and he definitely "got" it!

Happy birthday, Zach!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Zach! What a cutie! The photo booth pictures are great! What a fantastic idea! I have to agree ... Cannon looks pretty suave with a mustache!