Monday, January 30, 2012

The rest of Sunday

After Cannon's recital, we went to check out some nearby cherry blossom trees that we found last year with our friend Liz.  This was an unusual, off the beaten path kind of place, up a very steep hillside.  At the top of some very steep steps is a platform which offers a wonderful view of the narrowest part of our island.  Consequently, you can see both the Pacific and the East China Sea.

I love their faces on this one!

Going up

View from the top looking north.  Right side: Pacific  Left side: East China Sea

Last year, Stevie stayed at the bottom of the steps and let Liz, Lydia, Emmy and I make the climb, but this year he joined us with the boys.  I'm not sure he was prepared for the height - as you can tell...

Turns out it was a bit early for the trees, but it was a nice little walk with a pretty view!

Afterwards, we headed over to the East China Sea side of the island to find a beach for a short walk.  There are lots of beaches in this area and we haven't explored many of them.  Moon Beach is a popular one I've heard about that's attached to a resort, but since it is "winter" time, the resort was pretty empty as was the beach.  Our guide book says that it used to be the playground for US military officers and their wives after the war was over.  After viewing the beach, I can see why.  It was one of those beautiful sites that makes me pause and think, "Yeah, I live here!"

The tidal pools are always full of interesting treasures, including this poor battle scarred starfish that Stevie found.

And this beautiful piece of sea glass.  See, it matches the color of the water!

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  1. Beautiful picture of you and Steve (or should I say handsome & beautiful?) :)