Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sports Depot

This morning, I was trying to go to a new Japanese store that I heard about, but as luck would have it, I picked the one day they opened at 11:00 (I got there at 10:00).  What kind of big store opens at 11:00???  So to pass time I took Emmy to the store next door - Sports Depot.  It's not that I was exactly looking for sporting goods, it was just a way to pass time.  But as with most things Japanese, the store was entertaining in its differences from its US counterpart (think Dick's Sporting Goods).

The first thing that caught our attention were the tennis shoes.  Shall we say they were rather, ummm, colorful?

I love the 43% off.  Why 43%???

Emmy liked these - they have maps on them (these are adult shoes).

Now that's a colorful display wall.

But I do have to give the Japanese credit, they have some really good ideas.  Like these clear shoes to put on your kid so you know what size they are.  Ingenious!

Too big, guess she's a 19.0 cm.

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