Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

New Year's Eve, well for the last two years that's meant a big ole bonfire and a rockin' party on Lester Heights and this year was not to be any different!

The neighborhood parties by now are pretty much a template - someone rents a tent, someone gets some firewood, everyone brings a dish to share and their own drinks and we gather on the field to celebrate the holiday du jour.  It's great, easy and a guaranteed good time.

Stevie, Dima and Jon cutting firewood.  Christmas trees and palettes work well!

Dima and his new toy (the safety glasses were courtesy of London!)

When the night got dark, Stevie fired up the bonfire with his new toy ( a rifle lighter from Don.)

Let the festivities begin!!!

Ever wonder how fast a Christmas tree will burn?  Answer: FAST

A gathering of good friends:

Krimp and Joe

Me and Krimp

London and Aiden

Spencer and Suzy
And then there's the Wii which we project on the side of the building.  The kids were monopolizing it, but every now and then when I'd get cold, I'd kick them off so the adults could have a go at "Just Dance".  We found out that Suzy kicks butt at Just Dance!

The kids playing Just Dance

And the adults...

We may look ridiculous, but we were having fun!
As it neared midnight, we gathered for the final ceremonial Christmas tree on the fire...

Isn't this the coolest picture - Cannon contemplates fire

And then watched the fireworks over American Village...

Eric offering poor Wendell like Simba in the Lion King

Happy 2012 everyone!

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