Sunday, January 8, 2012

Search for a clock, part 2

Sunday afternoon we all piled in the Golden Nugget again and turned her south to find the clock shop.  I felt a great adventure coming on, but the end result was not what I had hoped.  First, that little pamphlet's map was not helpful.  We went climbing up crazy roads thinking we were going to find the shop, but to no avail.

Hoping that no one was going to come barreling around that turn...

And then our first stop at a grocery store to ask for directions netted nothing.  Finally, we stopped when we saw a group of women on the side of the road and they knew the store and one was so kind as to grab her keys and lead us in her car to the shop!  And there would have been no other way to find that shop - they definitely weren't set up for easy access.

Following a random lady driving us to the store...

Does this look like a clock store to you?

Well, for all our effort, we decided we really didn't like the clocks that well (or well enough for the $250-$400 price tag) and ended up leaving without a clock. :(

But the day was not lost because the beaches on the south end of the island are awesome too so we went beach hopping again.  We drove down a long, winding farm road to what looked like an entrance to a beach - it was an overgrown path through the brush.  But as I started walking through it I stopped suddenly when I realized I was standing at the top of a really tall cliff with nothing between me and death but a step and a half more!  Good job I was in the lead, and the kids weren't running ahead of me.  Off to the side we found a better path that wound down the side of the cliff for a little while.  Stevie and Emmy stayed at the top while I went down to explore followed soon by London and Emmy.  It was beautiful but I was reminded of the gruesome history of these cliffs during the Battle of Okinawa and stood in awe.

One more step to my fate...

My boys

Heading up

Beautiful Okinawa

Since we couldn't get to a beach here, we decided to go on to our "Liz and Don" beach - the one we frequented many weekends when Liz, Don and Lydia still lived here.  It had been a while since we had been there and it was good to go back.

The sun decided to finally poke out as we walked down the beach leading to some stunning views.

My chickadees

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