Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day

So after a rockin' new year's eve, we laid pretty low on New Year's Day just enjoying family time before the end of Christmas break for all of us.

Of course, I couldn't sit still the whole day, and when I heard drumming coming from the direction of American Village, I packed up the family and walked in the direction of the beat.  Turns out there was a performance of Okinawan dancers and drummers in front of Jusco (the Japanese Wal-mart like store) celebrating the new year and they were awesome!  I'm telling you, the Okinawans have rhythm and they can play a drum!  Big ones, little ones, young people, old people - they are great.

That's one big drum!
 After a highly coordinated drum recital, out came the dancers and the Shisa lion dancers.  The lion is really funny - kind of like a Chinese dragon - and they like to try to "eat" unsuspecting children.  Emmy flew from the scene and cowered behind Steve's leg so the lion didn't get her!

Emmy getting a turn at the drum

The lion coming for Emmy!
All the dancers

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