Saturday, January 7, 2012

Search for a clock - part 1

Shortly after Christmas, when we were rearranging furniture, our wall clock met with an unfortunate fate, namely our concrete floor.  Not really a big deal as it was just from Target, but what we found was that we looked at that clock a lot.  A mean A LOT.  So we quickly realized that we needed to replace that clock, and quick.

We have seen in certain nice gift shops around the island, some beautiful hand made wood clocks and Stevie had the idea that we could finally buy one.  So Saturday we set out to find one.  Stop one, the salt factory.  I know, it seems like a strange place to buy a clock, but they actually have a really nice gift shop.  They had some clocks there, but not the exact one we were looking for.  The worker, however, handed us a pamphlet about the artist's workshop and on the back was a map - yes!  Except, no, it was all in Japanese, but I was able to piece together some basic roads and figured out the shop was at the far south end of the island and we were mid-north on the island.  That's ok - there's always tomorrow.

So as not to waste our trip to Yomitan, we went beach exploring instead.  There are all kinds of beautiful, remote beaches on this island and we love to find them.  Usually they are found off tiny little farm roads and the only indication there is a beach is a tiny, overgrown path heading through the brush.  We hit the jackpot and found three of these on Saturday!

Beach number 1 - Emmy and London nicknamed that rock the Nautilus.

Playing on the Nautilus

My beautiful girl (see how clear the water is?)

The munchkins

Beach #2

The kids fighting with bamboo rods and Styrofoam

This beach was down a dirt road, past tombs (not uncommon either...)

Beach #3

All those footprints were from horses!

So no clock today, but some great beach treasures and photos!

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