Friday, November 11, 2011

Ball Season

It's that time of year again - Ball Season.  No, I don't mean football season, I mean dress-up-like-a-prince-and-princess ball season.  The first year we lived here, I didn't even know that the military had balls until I observed some neighbors leaving their house in their royal finery.  I soon found out that the military has celebration balls - and lots of them - every year.  So last year I managed to score us an invitation to one of the Marine Corps balls through our friend Don.

This year's season rolled around and I was told through my secret informant (Stevie does his best to get out going to the balls and will not always tell me when they are...) that the Navy Ball was on the 29th of October.  Since we are Navy, I would have liked to have attended a Navy ball, but when Stevie found out he would have to buy a new uniform jacket because of his new rank this year, my desires were dashed.  Nevertheless, I knew that he could go to a Marine ball and wear a suit, not uniform, so again I scored us an invitation to a Marine ball through our friend Dima.  Another couple who have recently joined the neighborhood, Chris and Jess, also wanted to attend a Marine ball so the six of us made it a date!

I think it's fun to get all dolled up, but I must admit that even with all my planning, I'm always rushing at the last minute to get my hair and make-up done.  And, of course, because I don't do my hair and make-up that often, it never quite turns out like I plan.  Still, I don't think we look that bad...

I think the pomp and circumstance of the Marines is kind of neat, and as long as it doesn't run too long, adds to the fun of the night.  The presentation of the Colors, the parade of the "birthday cake", the eating of the cake by the youngest and oldest Marine present, the "hoorahs" of all the Marines in their dress blues - it all makes you respect the dedication and patriotism that these guys and gals have.

And when all that was over, the dancing was FUN!

The gals

The guys

Chris, Jess, Stevie, me, Dima and Krimp

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