Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A New Favorite Beach

So if you read the post from yesterday, you would know that we were at a friend's house with a magnificent view of the East China Sea.  From their balcony, you could spy a beach directly below their apartment and it peaked my interest.  So Sunday we drove back over to Yomitan to find this beach.  Thank goodness James had given me directions on how to get to it, because otherwise we would never have found it.

That's some clear water! You can see our friends apartment building in the upper left corner.

Besides the awesome views of the crystal clear water, this beach had sand, rocks and caves.  It was an awesome beach for poking around on, which is exactly what we needed after the busy Saturday we had.

Emmy made friends with a little chihuahua a Japanese couple had on the beach.

Love this picture!

Kids and the giant mushroom, as Emmy called it.

Photo by Emmy.

Later, we did pick up the Halloween spirit again with a Trunk-or-Treat at the church and pumpkin carving - Stevie's specialty!

Cheerleader Emmy and Tangled

Our craft of the year.

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