Thursday, November 10, 2011

Study Trip

Study Trip.  That's the PC term for what we used to call a "field trip". I guess now they have to document that the kids actually learn something when they go some place - it's not just about having fun anymore.

Anyways, Thursday, London's class took a "study trip" to the recycling center to see the operation and to learn about the 3R's (that's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - not Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).  London's teacher is in charge of the recycling program for the school so his class is well schooled in this topic.  Although by the attitude I get from London when it's his turn to put out the recycling, I'm not sure he's bought on to this concept fully...

I met the buses at the Recycling Center and joined in on the tour.  Here's what I learned: recycling is a stinky business!  Especially when they compress the plastics and you can really tell that not everyone rinsed out their bottles. (Rinse your bottles! Oh, and take the lids off because they come shooting out of the compressing machine with enough force to take an eye out.)

But it was interesting to see how they separate the cans - a giant magnet on this conveyor belt sucks up the steel cans and shoots them into a separate bin.

And it was fun for London to be with his friends (Carter and Aiden)

And it was fun for me to be with my little guy, even if it were in the middle of a bunch of junky, smelly garbage!

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