Monday, November 21, 2011

Gingerbread Men

On Thursday's adventure around the south end of the island, Emmy was entertained in the back of the car for half the trip by Grandpa, the other half by Grammie.  What did they do?  Read books!  Grandpa read a riveting story about Scooby Doo and Grammie read a sweet tale about Gingerbread Baby (a Jan Brett book).  If you know anything about Jan Brett's books its that she has beautiful illustrations on each page, and since this book was talking about the Gingerbread Baby and his new friends, Mom got the idea that she and Emmy should make some too!  The book actually included a recipe that Mom copied and then on Sunday the two of them got busy mixing...

Emmy's an excellent help in the kitchen

And then that night they began baking and decorating...

We all agreed, these were the best cookies Grammie has ever baked!  It must have been all the love baked in there.

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