Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kokusai and fish market

We had a big weekend planned to take Grandpa to Okuma resort up north, but the weather wasn't cooperating so we changed gears and headed down to Kokusai Street instead.  This is such an interesting place and the covered market part is perfect for a drizzly day.  We wondered way back into the market where it gets really Japanese-y and then ended up at some small restaurant where the menu was only in Kanji.  We managed to order some yummy soba and some stir fried vegetable dish by my limited Japanese and by pointing at what fellow diners were eating.  It turned out to be a really neat dining experience.  Of course, I forgot to take photos!

Heading into the market
 After the market we stopped by our favorite fish market and Dad found his nirvana!  He was in 7th heaven (to the point that 2 days later he asked if we could go back!)

After picking up our fish for dinner, we stopped in at the Big Dip ice cream parlor for a long-promised outing (a kind of tradition with the kids and Grammie).  Yummy beni-imo ice cream!

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